Our Vision

Be Kids works to improve the social and economic lives of children. The organisation is dedicated to helping communities overcome poverty and disease through programs that encourage self-reliance and empowerment. Our projects provide essential needs such as food, shelter, clean water, healthcare, education and employment.

Our Mission

Be Kids is a not for profit, membership driven, non-governmental organisation committed to aiding children and their carers in developing countries and elsewhere as the need arises. By working with communities to identify needs and promote opportunities, Be Kids seeks to create self-reliance and economic empowerment.

Be Kids is 100% volunteer so all funds raised are put towards our projects.

Be Kids is dedicated to providing:

  • education, nurture, and protection of orphans and children in crisis;
  • empowerment for women that enable self protection and fulfilment of carer responsibilities;
  • food programs for orphanages and schools;
  • vocational training for older girls as alternatives to abusive employment and early marriage;
  • methods of water delivery for farming and domestic use;
  • education to improve sanitation and hygiene;
  • low cost, sustainable projects using appropriate technology that can be managed by communities;
  • projects that encourage self-reliance and self-esteem; and
  • shared education and information through international volunteer programs.
Program Strategy
  • Create direct benefits for children in their communities. Even where the children are not the primary target group, Be Kids will ensure that the project has real benefits for children in the longer term.
  • Empower communities in the host country and the benefactor country so that both may grow in an environment of global consideration and caring.
  • Focus on countries where the organisation has local knowledge so long-term programs and strong partnerships can be established and can flourish. This operational model enables Be Kids to concentrate on high quality programs in the key sectors that meet its strategic vision.
  • Concentrate on countries with extreme poverty that have a safe working environment for volunteers.
  • Provide long-term empowerment by working with communities and favouring self-help. They do not give short-term hand-outs.
  • Address criteria of self-reliance, maintenance and longevity of effect and use.
  • Involve children in discussing issues affecting them, and implement participation processes to identify solutions to the needs and concerns of children wherever possible.
  • Work towards capacity building through partnerships with affiliated NGOs and co-operation with local networks and with other organisations which share the same goals.
  • Share information and education through international volunteer programs.
  • Empower the members of Be Kids through community building and network maximisation for fund raising support and hands-on expertise.
  • Engage with governments on foreign aid, trade and other development issues as well as activities aimed at protecting children in developing countries from exploitation.
  • Promote peace and cross-cultural understanding and co-operation without religious or political restrictions.
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