Art of Montage

Program Director Isaiah Luyara reports on how K-Hub students are performing in the highly creative world of video editing.

No-Party Party

Join us for the annual Be Kids celebration when our special guest, Truman Capote, hosts a fabulous night of luxury and splendour.

Idris in America

With a little help from Be Kids Australia, aspiring young diplomat Idris Ibrahim travelled from Nairobi, Kenya to Boston, Massachusetts to participate in the Model United Nations Conference.

Over fours days in mid-February, Idris attended the conference as a delegate of his university - USIU Africa - and participated in debates on issues ranging from the refugee crisis, conflicts in Africa and emerging security threats in the world.

For Idris, it is a dream come true. During his whirlwind tour, he also visited CNN at their Atlanta office and met with a representative of the Kenyan Ambassador at the Kenyan Embassy in Washington DC.

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